Saturday, March 18, 2017

MARS Patrol Total War by Wally Wood

Purple tanks....purple tanks....I just wanna see you in the purple tanks.  I'm not say'n the bad guys are outofthisworld, but the last, unrelated Wood drawing, makes you go hhmmmmm


  1. I always thought Wood(or whoever wrote this) got the idea for Total War from a thirteen issue epic that ran in the Operator 5 pulp in the 30's called "The Purple Invasion". It's pretty much the same idea, except that the destruction and anarchy are much more excessive. I wasn't around to read these when they came out, but Steranko gave it a huge write-up in his chapter on the pulps in the History of Comics. I've since read it in reprint and it's pretty mind-boggling; would make an amazing series on TV or in comics, assuming we don't just accomplish all the destruction by ourselves.

  2. Yeah baby! These are part of the few comics I saved from the 60's. I agree, what a great TV series it could be.