Monday, August 31, 2020

Warlord Of Mars #7 Cover by Gil Kane


Tarzan by Burne Hogarth

Onea my great regrets is see'n this at the bookstores in the early seventies, looking through it every time, and always putting it back on the shelf as too pricey


House Of Mystery Paperback #2 Cover by Berni Wrightson

I give up.  For years I've been look'n for the equivalent exposure for this cover that was lavished on the cover of paperback #1, but no such luck.  No original art listings, no big magazine covers, nada, squat, here's a cropped pb cover


"Invasion From Outer Space!" Cover by Jack Kirby

Keep'n with the theme of the previous post, I've included the British version of this cover, and (as I said two posts ago) still amazed by all the Kirby art that is news to me


A Danish Hulk by Jim Steranko

Che great version of what coulda been, and Denmark raises that age-old question, "Ist Marvel blad or klubben?"  I always avoid confliction by say'n Marvel's not half blad


Doc Doom VS Reed and Ben by Jack Kirby

Did Jack draw every minute of every day his entire life?  Never, ever saw this until just today, and I'm so glad I did.  It takes me back several years, when I usedta see at least one new Kirby every day, and it was bliss

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kane "the Imagineer" by Gil Kane

So...a coupla days back I posted Planetary Mitosis by Gil Kane, yak'n about Kane as a time traveler, and Russ asked me if I had seen this, a comic written by Alan Moore last century called Judgement Day: Aftermath, in which Kane drew himself.  wow.  I had not seen this.  coolio.  If you have not seen the 6 part documentary on the Disney Imagineers, you should

Large And In Charge


Saturday, August 29, 2020

New Bob Kline Trio

Yeah, yeah, just new to me.  Never seen these, and never even heard of the magazine from four years ago.  To really appreciate how weird that is, you may wanna search "Bob Kline " on here.  I've always felt Kline was the greatest thing to come out of the fanzine era, especially when you consider Wrightson went to DC, Corben did undergrounds, and Frazetta, Wally Wood, and Steranko were already pros


Friday, August 28, 2020

Mitosis On A Planetary Scale With Gil Kane

What I really dig, though, is some Gil Kane spaceship control rooms and pilots.  Awesome how Ike was in the whitehouse, but Gil was already using ear-buds.  Perhaps Kane was onea those secret time-travelers you see all over the internet


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Blue Knight by Bob Kline

 Always dig a Bob Kline

The Fly by Jim Steranko

Reminds me of my fav bit by Dmitri Martin:  "One morning I got up before everybody and was making pancakes, and there was a fly in the kitchen.  Have you ever noticed how a spatula looks a lot like a fly-swatter?  And have you ever noticed how much a dead fly looks like a blueberry?  And have you ever noticed that your family looks a lot like fly-eaters?"
If you've never listened to Dmitri, you should

Triton Pin-Up Pencils by Jack Kirby

Half a blog ago (five years ago), I put up the Inhumans pin-ups from Fantastic Four Special #5, and all the pencils except Triton and Maximus the Mad.  Here's Triton, and now I only need one more.  Call me Mad, but I believe it's out there somewhere