Saturday, August 30, 2014

Are Ya Ready For Some Football? by Jack Kirby

This weekend kicks off college ball, and then here comes the NFL!  Please embiggen

K'ing Kung-Fu #4 by Barry Smith

First three covers were painted (search K'ing for everything), but I just realized I had never scanned the only one I possess, this colored pen'n ink by Barry.  All four were on the rack at the same time in the bookstore at the Citadel Mall, but I only desired this un, and after buying it, I stuck it in my back pocket and went over to the mall's arcade for another marathon pinball game.  sweet

Nick Fury #1 in Black'n White by Jim Steranko

Still another view of this great wraparound...start'n to feel I should put up a monster post of all the variations we've seen

Hulk's Marvelmania Poster by Jack Kirby

Finally!  Check out what John Morrow is doing on an upcoming Kirby Collector cover--we finally get to see what Jack's poster woulda looked like in full color.  Thank you, Mr. Morrow

L'Alien by Berni Wrightson

The French mag's cover, and the page from Color the Monsters, both just Georgeous

Conan of Aquilonia by Frank Frazetta

Just saw this nice copy of the bootleg fanzine with the stolen cover.  In the late seventies I saw this magazine in a record shop (!) across from the capital in Denver, and I still can't remember why I didn't get it...oh, yeah, I'm a moron

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conan the Poster by Barry Smith

Loved this image from seeing it in the Tupenny Portfolio and then as a Treasury Edition cover, but this poster is really a beaut!  Besides the wunnerful colors, look how Barry re-did the rain and Conan's hair

Hela by Jack Kirby

Don't know of anything besides Thor #150 and the cover of Thor #251 as far as Jack's illustrating this amaz'n woman (for one thing, that's a Helava costume that was obviously hard to replicate).  I'll be wait'n to exhale (xHela) to see if anyone knows of sump'n sump'n else

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lord Of Blood by Jim Steranko

Three More Paperback Covers by Frank Frazetta

Tales To Astonish #29 Cover by Jack Kirby

I dreamed about this cover when I was five years old (1961).  Noth'n unusual about that, must've seen it in passing, you say, even tho all I read at the time was Bugs Bunny.  Since it was drawn in 1959, this makes a lot of sense, UNTIL... until we note it wasn't published until 1962...hmmm...although the ladders from the saucers are cool, I'm gonna Pasadena on putting up the interior story, as it doesn't hold a candle to this che bomb cover

Master Print of SHIELD #4 by Jim Steranko

Here's a nifty little item Marvel did back in the day--master prints of some of their greatest covers.  This is the only one I got, but it's a beaut.  Still don't know why these three images have three diff faces, but I'm hop'n Steranko experts (Tony?) can help me out with that.  Personally, I still prefer the face on the published cover, even though you might ask , "why the long face?"  Also wonder'n if Steranko drew all three faces, and if there's even more out there

Monday, August 25, 2014

George Clooney by Fank Frazetta

Finally saw Gravity, and it made me think of this vampire thriller (which I never caught) From Dusk Til Dawn

Deathworld by Rich Corben

Just found this the other day in Grand Island, Nebraska (right before going to the Nebraska State Fair!).  I'd forgotten that Frazetta was not the only recruit for Nelson Doubleday's bookclub covers.  What an amaz'n work by Corben!  Please embiggen

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some Masonite Paintings by Frank Frazetta

Has anyone else used masonite board for a canvas?  Genius

New Paperback Cover by Frank Frazetta

How sad is this?  Yeah, yeah, this cover is just new to me (and some Maroon put the letter C all over Ardor's chin!  sheeeesh)  But I find it time-wise like in the blink of an eye after I give up EVER find'n it and just post, in the really, really not-so-distant, everything I can find on it other than a scan of a real here's a scan of a real cover of Ardor of Aros (brother)

Coupla Signed Prints by Jim Steranko

Embiggen and enjoy

Coupla Thumbnails by Jeff Jones and Jim Steranko

Shades of Roy Krenkle(master of the thumbnails)!  I lost a thumbnail when I was a kid--Randy Rhea closed a car door on my right thumb.  It grew back almost perfectly flat, and I became king of marbles.  Kids would scatter when I showed up at a marble game.  Years later, Mawmaw (granny Clementine) had all my thousands of marbles poured into a cement back porch.  It was trippy

Sub-Mariner #1 Cover by John Buscema

So yesterday, I'm standing at all the silver age long boxes and star'n at this guy when Scott walks up.  "What 'ya got there, Cap'n?  Oh, yeah, a classic.  I usedta have that and Iron Man #1 and..."  You know the old collector's patter, but he was naming everything that I had passed on back in the day.  I hung my head, "it's got water damage." (embiggen scan)  "But look at the low price!,"  Scott says enthusiastically.  "'s got water damage."  We both sighed, then Scott clapped my shoulder and said, "Ya know, with the Sub-Mariner, ya gotta expect some water damage."  Cha-ching

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spaceheads by Jack Kirby

I wonder if I might qualify--often get called a Space Cadet