Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Art Of Jack Kirby by Jack Kirby

Another great post title that has some splain'n to do.  This is the poster art promoting the coffee table book, but it really is the best thing to come out of the whole thing.  I know early on in his career John Morrow said The Art Of was the best Kirby book out there, but I must disagree.  The cover was done by the Ninja Turtle guys, not Jack, and I got nothing against the Ninja Turtle guys, but you can't search them on here (well, YEAH, Now you can, but I'm just say'n) then we open it up, and half the massive tome is early stuff, and not the best early stuff, in my opine, and much of the end of the book is tributes to Jack.  Tributes, smizbutes, the best tribute to Kirby is look'n at what HE did.  Great poster, but the best Kirby book?  A 25 cent comic----New Gods #7

Heros by Barry Smith

Best.  Boots. Ever.   Aaaaand, best reflective pose since The Thinker

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Berni Wrightson

Frankenstein (errr...The Hulk) by Jack Kirby

This old image looks like the original concept of turning Frankenstein into a modern supr-being

Death Rattle #1 Cover by Rich Corben

Finally, an image of this that looks like what I saw when I got it in the mail in the early seventies.  Amaz'n airbrush that needs to be embiggened

Coupla Silver Surfers by Jack Kirby

Looks like somebody got into cross-fit train'n since the Buscema era

The Last Atlantean by Barry Smith

One of the images I can't seem to stop putting up.  This print is, though, quite nice

Conan The Adventurer by Frank Frazetta

So....I THINK this is the right order.  First Fritz does a practice drawing of this guy Conan, then a rough for his first Conan cover, then the cover (first time I knew about Conan OR Frazetta), then Lancer Books does a promo poster, then Ellie does a World Beater poster, and finally there's a movie poster

Ta-ta To Taa by Jack Kirby

The most interest'n man in the world doesn't always drink beer--er, doesn't always get into reprints, but when he does, it's because of nice printing and coloring like this.  The origin of Galactus from Thor #169 was redone beautifully in a 1996 special called....let's see, oh, yeah, The Origin Of Galactus.  New colors by Greg Wright, who, if I'm not mistaken, also had a hit song called Dream Weaver

The Yellow Pages (Let Your Fingers Do The Walk'n)

Most fun I've had (on a post) in a long time.  And orange you glad I dinnae limit it to pure yellow?  Waaaay too lazy to name every artist, so let me know if you don't recognize somebody.  Several treasures nestled in here, but I think for one thing it's the first time in this half decade of blog'n I've had the opportunafish to put up my all-time fav cartoon character--The Amaz'n Bugs Bunny ("Oh, a wise-guy, huh?")   The Frazetta painting for Monster Mania might have also worked as a dust jacket on that old classic Yellow River by I.P. Freely....If nothing else, this has to go down as the brightest post around....did I ever mention I'm so bright my daddy useta call me son?...okay, enough already