Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Bob Kline!

Yeah, yeah, just new to me, this was nestled in the 1970 fanzine Fantastic Fanzine Special #1, which I never bothered to get cause the cover was not my cupa.  Dumb on my part.  If you havenae, please search Kline on here for my ode to the best fan artist


Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Visual Theory Cover by Jim Steranko

Lotsa other Sherlock Holmes on here, and The Complete Sherlock Holmes remains a favorite read


Fantastic Jack Kirby

Probly said this in the way back, but Wayne and I were both long-time parents in our early forties when these cards came along, and both think of ourselves as fairly suave, debonair guys, so we cracked up when we found ourselves geek'n out with admiration when we looked at these one day when they arrived at his shop in 98

Thursday, December 24, 2020

War On Santa Claus Splash by Jack Kirby

 Not much else artwise, but later Sandman tells Santa he fights pretty good for an old guy, and Santa is offended, as he is only 1600 at the time, just barely into his bearded age.  Shakespeare once said, "He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath none is less than a man."  Lotta vagueness around Willy Shakes, but we know he musta sported a beard

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Nightmare by Berni Wrightson

Maybe just new(s) to me, but this illustration from a short story for Nightmare magazine flew way below my radar, until I saw it listed in the complete Wrightson and got curious.  Nice EC-type twist on the story, too

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

A Fistful Of Rich Corben

 In 1972, I was bring'n in a long row of shopping carts to the grocery store where I was a bagboy, when I saw a brand-new, lime-green Volkswagen bug in the parking lot, dazzl'n in the sunlight.  All I could think at the moment was, "Whoa!  Looks like a Corben air-brush..."

Conan #12 Cover by Gil Kane

 Onea my grails, so che nice to see it in all its stages (and Savage Tales #4 gave us the Barry Smith story in another format, too-score-)

The Mucker by Frank Frazetta

 Forgive the umpteenth posting, but the first image is a biggerbetterfasterstronger black 'n white

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Zero Hour Nine AM by Wally Wood

 Another Galaxy illo

The Black Panther by Jack Kirby

 Chadwick Boseman passed way too young

Some Uni-Tread Vehicles by Vaughn Bode

 Seems like the tank woulda been useless, but they're all still che cool

Saturday, December 19, 2020

A Barbarian by Frank Frazetta

Dunnae for sure if this is Conan, but it couldawouldashoulda

Conan With A Full Necklace by Barry Smith

Looks like Conan started out with medallion thingys all around his neck, but he was down to one for his last Marvel illo by Barry.  Did he lose them?  Sell them?  dunnae rightly know

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Sultin The Mighty by Jack Kirby

I'd be lion if I said the leader of the tiger cities dinnae undergo some major changes when published in Kamandi


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

This Way There Be Dragons by Berni Wrightson

Yeah, looks like all the ancient maps say "Here There Be Dragons," but imagine my line above an ornate arrow pointing off the map.  Or, maybe since the world was flat and there was nothing past the edge, my verbiage couldnae have occurred.  Except for the first image, I've seen all these before, but there's sumpn sumpn about that first image

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Lure Of The Tower Panel by Rich Corben

So, midday on Dec 11th, "I was in search of a good time, just run'n my game" when I did a post of a coupla horror underground hosts by Corben.  Soon, meamwayne thanked me for posting it, since Rich had passed about a week before.  I was oblivious to this, but looked and was greatly saddened.  Another legend was lost to comicdom on Dec. 2nd.  Late that night, I just posted most of what I love by him, but couldnae bring myself to write anything then, and am honestly still at a loss for words.  This is from a 1969 story in Voice of Comicdom, and it's gorgeous early Gor.  He was the master of airbrush, but obviously dinnae even need airbrush to shine

Testament illustration by Frank Frazetta

 Just saw this and had a major senior moment.  I had the hardbound Testament for years, until a book dealer convinced me to trade for some mint condition bookclub editions of the ERB Mars books with Fritz illos and covers.  I've had the softbound Testament since it came out, but I had no recollection of this.  Then I read further, and found out this was in only 120 special, signed copies

4 X Four-Armed Terror by Jack Kirby

 Cause four-warned is four-armed (groan).  After he left Jimmy Olsen, F.A.T. went around pick'n fights with Marvel characters