Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Let's Not Keep Them Waiting! by Jack Kirby

A usually thoughtful phrase gets twisted by the baddies in this che sweet splash from The Demon #2


The Dragon In The Tree by Barry Smith

 I'm not say'n quarantine is getting to me, but I was looking at Barry's wonderful Shelf Stuff again, when I noticed a dragon in this picture.  Took out the ol eraser, and viola (as Bugs Bunny useta say)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Squeeze Play Splash by Frank Frazetta

Posted this at least twice in the way-back, but first here is a signed print that is che nice.  Not to take anything from Thun'da or the two Loathsome Lores or Werewolf!, but this is probly my favorite comics page by Frazetta

Monday, September 28, 2020

Some Fantastic Fantastic Four #61 Pencils by Jack Kirby

Course, Joe Sinnott was incredible on the inks (images 3, 4, n 5), but there's sumpn sumpn bout these pencils, and it's nice to see Kirby's writing prior to the Fourth World


Has "Web of Horror" Folded? No

The cover of RBCC #72 is great, but what I'm intrigued here with is the back cover.  We of course know the answer is yes, Web 'o Horror was gone after three incredible issues, but Berni Wrightson took his illustration of the ferryman of a swampy Styx and had a great illustration we've seen a bunch of, an Kaluta used his scarab beetle riders to make a hauntingly wonderful story Among the Scarab Aeidae (see the story on here seven years ago).  Maybe the answer No in the ad is right, maybe the Web never folds


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Flight Or Fight Response by Gil Kane

More like flight AND fight, from Vigilante #13


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Unleashed Cover by Jack Kirby

Onea the images I'm so enamored with (obvious if you search on here), but these unique colors are both che nice


Elric Story Title illustration by Tim Conrad

This two-page illo willnae even fit on my scanner, but you still get the jist.  The sardonic demi in the clouds is amazeballs to me


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unusual Suspects Trio by Berni Wrightson

So...the best I can ascertain is Berni took a 24 page booklet to the Comic Cons in 2007.  It alleviated having to do sketches at the convention, which is brilliant, methinks.  Problem is, I dinnae go to conventions in 2007.  I've never been to conventions.  Had my ticket in 2013 for Denver Comic Con, all set to meet Steranko, but big stuff came up, and I gave it to a friend (who got Steranko to autograph a Cap'n America print for me, so still che sweet)


Some Gun Slingers by Jim Steranko


X-Men #55 Cover by Barry Smith

Always amazed at the unique styles Barry has had over the years, and how much I've dug all of them