Sunday, March 5, 2017

Piracy #1 Cover by Wally Wood

I was just shown a copy of the original EC comic (obtained from an attic of an estate sale), and I was mesmerized.  It looked almost identical to the first image here, and something about just lay'n around for over sixty years, I think the over-all look is just georgeous


  1. When you look at an original EC, it's obvious that the modern reprints that have been done by Cochran and Fantagraphics are just too small. I have the same issue with a lot of Golden Age reprints; the original art was twice-up; you don't have to make everything as small as current comic books.

  2. After The Man came down on EC for the horror books, etc., they responded with their New Direction, mmm, reboot. At one extreme, you had Psychoanalysis. Too, you had Piracy (much better) and Aces High (couldn’t lose, you’d think). A few others and of course Mad.
    But when y’all are underwhelmed, remember this: “Master Race” appeared in a New Direction book.