Monday, June 30, 2014

Cap'n America Fantasy Masterpieces by Jack Kirby

A great set of covers.  I stuck in the Kirby Unleashed ad from RBCC after the FM #4 cover because those are the only two pieces I know of that Jack inked his own pencils (amaz'n stuff, but the cat was so busy, I can see why there's not more)

Cap'n America The Poster by Jim Steranko

Start'n the countdown to the 4th of July early (but it IS this week)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stormwatch by Barry Smith and Jim Lee

Always dug Jim Lee's Stormwatch, but just saw this version by Barry and---wow

New Cover by Jeff Jones!!!

Okay, yeah, just new to me.  Little surprised how the best part (to me) of the painting was cropped

The Whiz Wagon by Jack Kirby

One night while in highschool, my gang actually had one of these (all because of that Mickey's big mouth malt liquor)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Paperback Cover by Jim Steranko!!!

Actually, this one is fairly new, but, yeah, you know the drill---it's just new to me.  Nobody does garb and weapons quite like Steranko

Cosmic Hulk by Jack Kirby

In my younger days I woulda had the energy and ambition to gather together all The Hulk drawings by Kirby, but I had no conception of such a thought (and some, like the Eternals drawings, didn't even exist).  Now, when I can visualize the grandeur of such an undertaking, I am feeble and listless (okay, lazy).  "Genius is wisdom and youth."

First King Kull by Berni Wrightson

Okay, so I don't know squat, but I don't care how bad they botched Berni's vision, this is AWESOME

Vampirella #11 by Frank Frazetta

So glad he fleshed out the face-buuuurrrr..............