Saturday, November 30, 2019

Moon Buggies by Rich Corben and Frank Frazetta

Beautiful similarities and contrasts

The Destroyer by Frank Frazetta

Although this never gets old, most of this is a re-hash, hodge-podge, recyl'n of older posts.  EXCEPT that first image, the centerfold of Fritz's 1977 calendar.  Conan was ne'r so sweet

Scared To Life by Berni Wrightson

The Mountain Of Judgement by Jack Kirby

Such an amazeballs splash, the mountain has to rumble through here every once in a while, kinda like the snowplow in winter

To Kill A God! Splash by Wally Wood

Great raspberry by Wally to the folks that said he could no longer produce amaz'n comic art on his lonesome, first is Marc Anthony as he appeared in Vampirella #12, then the original

Thursday, November 21, 2019