Monday, May 31, 2021

3 Broken Lances by Wally Wood

 I have this "primal memory" (as REH might say) of even more

Old Gods & New by Jack Kirby

 Okay, The Jack Kirby Collector #80 could be in our hot little hands by Father's Day!  I'm tell'n the kids to hold off on the ties and hot sauces, and to get me this instead

Man Bat by Berni Wrightson

Pretty sure this would be man bat before man bat in the comics.  If you can spare a minute and a half, you should google "sheldon batman man bat," where the four guys from Big Bang are at the comic boxes, and have onea my all-time favorite discussions

Daredevil by John Adkins Richardson and Jim Steranko

Not your grand-dad's Daredevil (err, wait, OUR Daredevil isn't your grand-dad's)!  By the way, in case no one's said it to you before, welcome to the world of fandom

Rain by Barry Smith

 Some fundundant shenanigans definitely goin on here!  For one thing, the not-so-distant had a post of Fire and Rain (and lonely times when I cunnae find a friend, yeah, yeah...), then a post of a bigger better faster stronger Fire, and now the same thing with Rain.  Three straight days with continual rain here, by the by.  And I think Barry named them, and a bunch more, after that girl with the multiple personalities, so I've never titled them right

Another Web Of Spidey Annual #6 by Gil Kane

Search in the not-so-distant for a bunch more

Ponytail by Frank Frazetta


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Machine by Jack Kirby


1971 Comic Art Convention Cover by Jim Steranko

 .....and then the 1974 paperback cover for The Ginger Star

Jump'n To Light Speed With Jack Kirby

 Cap'n Victory had more than a handful (pun intended) of great moments, and this double page splash is onea them.  The Comics Journal 65 cover of the unused CV #2 cover is bigger than before, so please embiggen.  And, of course, my favorite image of those nasty bugs try'n to take over the universe.  The battle in my back yard, by-the-by, is not going well for the humans

Web Of Horror #2 by Jeff Jones

 Speak'n of WOH (last post), check out Jeff Jones rock'n issue #2.  I suspect Jones is on the lettercol logo mainly for the ink'n and/or cats, but clue me in if you know more

Reality 2 Fanzine by Larry Todd, Berni Wrightson, and Mike Kaluta

Okay, obviously a lot more to the fanzine than these three pictures, as witnessed on this double-page ad in Rocket's Blast (beneath this awesome cover by Rich Corben, who dinnae have anything to do with Reality 2).  Besides the Al Williamson and Kenneth Smith, Reality 2 was the home of some Web of Horror strips that dinnae make it to publication before that wonderful mag folded. See Web of Horror #4 on here for a great comment from meamwayne on that whole mish-mash


Friday, May 28, 2021

Sea Devils Grey Tone Covers by Russ Heath

In the not-so-distant, on a post about the first Swamp Thing Cover, the other Russ explained this whole thing, but I was a lit major, and it sounds way too technical to me, so I'll stick with grey tone.  Always dug Triton on a seahorse

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Exile! Splash by Wally Wood

First is the original, then the page from EC's Weird Fantasy #14, then the reprint.  Although this particular one may seem a little tame from the 1952 comic, I gotta say what little I've seen of those first publications was beautifully colored, and this is no exception

Darkwolf by Frank Frazetta

So, I guess this was the beginning of the Fire & Ice movie poster (which is equally magnificent but completely different), and I posted it a coupla times in the wayback.  If you search Darkwolf on here, I feel like you can see the whole enchilada on what may be Fritz's most robust of his many great warriors.  BUT (why does everyone always have a big but?, as Pee-Wee once said)...those former images of this were black'n white and (yikes) kinda blurry.  This un, however, is very che

Nick Fury by Barry Smith


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Orion On Twitter by Jack Kirby


Fight'n American by Jim Steranko

 Dunnae care what era, Steranko pencils are always a delicious delicacy.  #A1#Odyssey

Cap'n Sternn #2 Cover by Berni Wrightson

Guess we lost the second dinosaur to editing.  Maybe that's what happened to all of them