Sunday, June 30, 2019

All In Color For A Dime

Just wanna come off as a colorful character.  I'm so bright, my daddy called me sun

Best Comic Cover? by Frank Frazetta

Wayne, onea my first 12 followers, says this is the best cover ever, but I dunnae.  If the editors for Famous Funnies #217 rejected that second image as not good enough to represent Buck Rogers, who am I to argue?  And Wayne's cover judging is suspect, since he also says Conan #4 is the best cover ever, and Shield #2 is the best cover ever, and New Gods #7 is the best cover ever, and.....

The Inferiors Splash by Wally Wood

Great high-tech page from the front of Weird Science-Fantasy #28, but why are these guys called the inferiors?  We learn why at the very end, acourse, cause it's EC "with a twist" for every ending, but there's a hint on this first page.  Galaxy-spanning beings that still smoke cigs and pipes

Just Ads by Berni Wrightson

Like the Barry Smith ad for Conan #2 I put up in the not-so-wayback, the art in these ads was never really published.  Ahite, they both became fanzine covers, but that's not Marvel and DC, and the fanzines had teeny tiny print runs