Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another Hand-Colored Buck Rogers by Frank Frazetta

I dunnae how many of these he did, and we'll probably never see all of them (durn private collectors), but every one I see just blows me away


  1. EC published this Frazetta page as the cover for WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY 29, May-June 1955.

    In addition to being reprinted in the Complete EC Library hardcovers, and subsequent EC reprint editions, Russ Cochran also released it and other covers as EC Portfolio 2 (1972).

    It's a Buck Rogers illustration. Frazetta also drew Buck Rogers in 8 more illustrations for FAMOUS FUNNIES 209-216 around the same time. But in the era of Frederic Wertham's SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT, this one was rejected as too violent, or would have been the cover for issue 217.
    Lucky for Gaines, that allowed him to publish it instead. Russ Cochran called it "the single best cover ever put on a comic".

    Cochran also released the FAMOUS FUNNIES covers as a Frank Frazetta Famnous Funnies portfolio in 1975, that I was lucky to find at a comic shop about 20 years ago.