Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Space Ace by Al Williamson

Cannae believe in 1951 they already knew how the future would look.  The last image here looks like a Wally Wood swipe, but dunnae who did it first.  If you have any chicken/egg insights, please holla 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tupenny Conan Plate #5 by Barry Smith

Ton of Tupenny Conans up in the wayback on here, but this original art of the "spring snow" is just georgeous, then the plate as I got it when Middle Earth released it in the seventies

Saturday, February 27, 2021

The Defender Pencils by Jim Steranko

The cover to Comic Crusader #5 has always felt a little wonky, but Steranko's pencils, as usual, are really che great 

Tarzan VS Tarzan by Neal Adams


Flash Gordon by Steve Ditko

 Last night I saw this splash page on Heritage (thanks, Russ!), and it was so cool to see, because I started the day just doing a search of this post title.  I wanted some more Flash by Ditko to go with the all stars! fanzine cover from 1965 that we been gaz'n at for a while.  Turns out there's nothing (cept an unpublished complete story)  far out

Neanderthals by Frank Frazetta

When I got to CU in 1974, a guy named Spider had this poster on the outside of his dorm-room door.  Weird thing was, Spider had no idea who Frazetta was

Loki by Jack Kirby

Always great to see Loki w/o Coletta inks, but, as I recall, this wasnae even used?  I think I saw this in a Kirby portfolio from Marvel (sucks get'n old....half the time I cannae even find my phone)