Sunday, November 30, 2014

Coupla Helmets With Great Reception by Frank Frazetta

Baby, It's Cold Outside by Barry Smith

Okay, first is Barry with a great cross-over parody, but then we see Wolverine on the move, and, personally, I don't care how tuff you are, Mr. Weapon X, you gotta be freez'n!  I just came in from working on some Christmas lights, and yikes! tis a nit bibbly

Jacula (Dracula by Jack Kirby)

Thanks to Tom Neal, I finally see this image without slid'n Topps trad'n cards together

Saturday, November 29, 2014

On The River Styx by Berni Wrightson

Okay, more like the bayou, but it reminds me of that classic ferryman o death

The Hunger Dogs Cover by Jack Kirby

I don't always like Theakston over Kirby, but when I do...I prefer Dos XX (ooops!  I meant when I do, I really do).  The only better Theakston over Kirby (to me) than this is that wunnerful cover to Pure Imagination

A Fight'n Man of Mars by Frank Frazetta

Stroke of genius to make this the cover of a Fritz index.  If pictures were songs, this one doesn't get near enough air-play

Friday, November 28, 2014

Next To Last Atlantean by Barry Smith

Almost called this my last Last Atlantean, but I still need to scan a page from the Opus and the magazine cover where we first saw it.  Dunnae if anything can top the print, though (first image here)

Norseman by Frank Frazetta

This is a great print, but I have no idea what it's called.  Norseman just rung a bell, but that would apply to some two dozen Fritz drawings, we're just mak'n stuff up in hopes of find'n them in searches someday

X-Men #10 Cover by Jack Kirby

I know this has been around for years, and I think I've even done a half-fast post way back myself, but I wanted to put this all together and say, yeah, maybe they went with the wrong cover, but the published one (last image) is great-great, too.  Of course, we can't do apples to apples here, cuz the published one has the advantage of the amaz'n Marvel colorists back in the day

Back To The Tree Of Death by Frank Frazetta

In the way back (where we goin today, Mr. Peabody?) I said I wasn't sure if this painting ever graced a book cover, well, found out today that yes, it did!  The book club hardbound had this beautiful version, but I never saw it.  Flashing Swords #2 in paperback gave us Fritz's Death Dealer, and I guess with all the hoopla, this one faded into obscurity, kinda like the other FS book club cover

Coupla Anomalies by Rich Corben

So, Anomaly the fanzine had three great issues, but didn't sell like it shoulda, and come back as an underground for issue #4.  I first saw it in a headshop as an underground, and it was a beauty.  His Master's Voice had brighter colors, and the story Encounter At War had better airbrush.  I'm certainly glad I eventually went back and got the fanzines (Bob Kline ruled), but that underground was sump'n else

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful For Heroes Unlimited by Jim Steranko

Many moons ago, I found a tiny ad for Heroes Unlimited 2 (fourth image) and had always wished, but forgotten I'd wished, I had a larger image.  Embiggen the first image as big as you want, it now matches or surpasses the detail of Vol 1 (fifth image).  che nice

Stereon (Cap'n 3-D) by Jack Kirby

Com'n atcha right off the page!  Here's an exception to my rule of dismissing Jack's latter work-even the disproportionate stuff is cool