Friday, March 29, 2024

Wally Wood Conquers The Moon

Many moons ago, I thought of this, and again pulled a Dora (as Steve Martin says, two simple words that solves all problems-"I forgot").  I put up as many black'n white moons as possible, cause that's when Wood moons really shine, methinks.  If I skipped sump'n sump'n, please holla


Monday, March 25, 2024

Some Rare Fanzine Work by Rich Corben

 Okay, only rare to me, cause I'd never seen most of it before (and Gore has a sizeable presence on here), and not comic fanzine work, but horror movie fanzine work from Photon

Sunday, March 24, 2024

4 X Jack Kirby From Thor #162

What an amazeballs comic!  These 4 panels alone strike me as pure artistic poetry, and how about the syncronicity.  First is the giant space station over Rigel, then the High Commander inside, then later in the book, first Asgard, then Odin inside.  Please embiggen. Is it just me, or did most of the best cosmic images in Thor have little or noth'n to do with Thor?  Galactus really comes to mind

DC Trio by Gene Day

Like I said 2 posts back, I never even realized Gene did anything for DC until just the other