Monday, September 30, 2013

She's Leav'n Home by Mike Kaluta

What a beautiful picture, and, a decade before that, what a beautiful song.  I think McCartney and Lennon really outdid themselves on this particular tune, and to me, the best of much greatness on Sgt. Pepper's

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Green Death (Wolfshead) by Frank Frazetta

Murders At The Rue Morgue by Berni Wrightson

One mo month till Hallows Eve

Some Trials by Arms by Wally Wood

Baby Huey by Mike Kaluta

Okay, okay, okay,'s the thing-for a long time I've posted versions of this Children of the Twilight print, but not very big and detailed as the first image here is (Pleeeease embiggen).  Sooo, big children, big child, big baby, hashtag Baby Huey

Werewolves of London by Berni Wrightson

Just watched the Steelers/Vikings game from London, and it made me think of the classic song, and that made me think of this wunnerful cover

Rubber Chicken by Berni Wrightson

This guy would be a great fan at some of the live wrestling events I useta attend.  The rubber chicken was always the best weapon against the bad guys

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nucleus #8 Cover by Berni Wrightson

First image cut (in haste) out of a 1970s adzine, either Mirkwood Times or The Buyer's Guide.  As I said before, it shoulda been the cover to the first appearance of King Kull.  drats

Creeper #1 by Steve Ditko

Genius.  A few of my fav images from the second issue (first real issue was a DC Showcase, with the all-time greatest origin story).  Although the splash credits The Shagmeister (?) with dialog, I suspect Ditko also influenced the fact that most of the story is told through thought balloons.  wow