Monday, March 20, 2017

Remembering Berni Wrightson

Shame on me, but two different guys had to tell me today that Berni passed.  I dunnae what to say.  He's always been a big part of this for me (all over this blog the last seven years).  Here's examples of three of my favorite things--young fanzine era Berni, then the artistic genius of Swamp Thing, then the artistic genius of Frankenstein.  Good on ya, Berni....job well done


  1. I can't really say more than I said in that 2014 comment posted on this here blog. Half of the Studio has transcended the mortal plane now. When I heard the news, I remembered that great day I spent as his guest. And I also thought about you, Cap. Thanks for continuing to post this Master's art.

  2. The least I can do. Pretty obvious that Wrightson art is onea my great passions