Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Neal Adams VS Art Adams

Four pages, two splashes, one last name, zero need for this sentence


  1. Art Adams is the same age as me. I first recall seeing Arthur Adams' work in the DOCTOR STRANGE CLASSICS 1-4, where he did a few pin-ups in the back pages of issues 3 and 4, in early 1984. There were some nice wraparound Ditko-tribute covers by Byrne on those issues as well.

    I was a bit annoyed that it was just signed "Adams", and of course in that era when you saw that name, you instantly thought of Neal Adams, but clearly it wasn't Neal. I felt like Marvel should have given Arthur Adams a better introduction to avoid confusion, and also because he was instantly a great artist in his own right.

    Arthur Adams' first official story credit was ALIEN WORLDS 3-D # 1 (July 1984), one of the last issues published by Pacific Comics. But I still fondly remember those mysterious pin-up pages by a then-unknown Adams that preceded it in the DOCTOR STRANGE reprint books.

    Only a sample of the goodness to come soon after in the LONGSHOT miniseries, X-MEN ANNUAL 9, NEW MUTANTS SPECIAL 1, GUMBY'S SUMMER FUN SPECIAL, GUMBY'S WINTER FUN SPECIAL, and so much other goodness to follow.

    Oh yeah, that Neal Adams guy isn't too bad either.

    1. True ALL dat. You left out Monkeyman and O'Brien, which I still find amaz'n. Search Goldie by Arthur Adams on here if you havenae yet. Found it in some obscure role-playing book way back, and it is the pinnacle of Art's work, methinks