Saturday, August 31, 2013

K'ing Kung-Fu by Barry Smith

Marvelous Jim Steranko

Please excuse my small scanner---wish I could show you the whole poster, but you get the idea.  Who all's missing here?  Conan comes to mind

Friday, August 30, 2013

Atlantis by Frank Frazetta

Wow.  I will never forget the consternation that little square painting on the paperback caused in my circle of geeky friends, the geekest of which actually read the book (and its predecessor).  Personally, I dig the first image the most, Betty Ballantine's choice of how it should be presented (straight from the World Beater poster, according to her, but I remember the poster being pale in comparison)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Stalker by Bob Kline

Not sure why, but this is one'a my all-time favs

New Cover by Jeff Jones!

NTM, TI..........For being around 43 years, this cover is in great shape, except I bogarted it when I tried to take a little price tag off the r in Thongor.  Not a huge Lin Carter fan, but these Lemurian tales kinda resonate, and this one has a character in it called Cap'n

Return of The Day of Their Return by Rich Corben

Just got this pretty copy of the amazing book cover

Volka/Vlad/Drac by Jim Steranko

This looks like different stages of the same sketch, but classic Steranko that I don't see much of.  Would love to see some kinda time-warp battle twixt this barbaric Dracula and Talon

Belated Birthday to Jack Kirby

Yesterday was Jack's birthday,  and August 28th of 2012 I did such a build-up of Kirby posts that this year looked kinda sad.  Explanations rather than excuses, I like to say, but it has been really frantic lately.  I left up a Kirby post throughout the day of (Cap'n Britain) yesterday, and was gratified to see hundreds of views of older Kirby posts (folks really liked the Black Book Valentine sketches to Roz) on his birthday.  Thanks for remembering him so much.  We miss ya, Jack

Monday, August 26, 2013

Random Jim Steranko

I can't wait for the book advertised here--just from this ad I see two by Steranko that I've never seen before

Pony Tale by Frank Frazetta

I personally like the color scheme on the paperback cover, but they lost the majesty of this painting by blocking the castle and massive moon (no, the other moon, wiseguys!)  And how about the triple entende with the paintings title?  Sounds like one dubbed by Ellie to me

Swordsmen in the Sky by Frank Frazetta

Published in 1964, then seen by a teen Cap'n in the Hub in Colorado Springs in 1974.  I left it on the shelf and didn't spring for the buck they were asking for it, because I thought it wasn't very good.  Teen Cap'n was an idiot.  The other day, while on a road trip, I found it at Tattered Books in Grand Island for 60 cents! (first image)  Cheap enough NOW for ya, Cap'n?  sheeesh....what a gorgeous painting