Monday, February 29, 2016

Page 2 From The Boy Who Loved Trees by Barry Smith

The whole thing is up in the way back on here, but I wanted to put up this original page (first image).  "loved tress..." and no wonder!  This warm form reminds me of the gatherers of the dead warriors from Conan #3

Sunday, February 28, 2016

America's Best TV Comics Cover by Jack Kirby

They even have the great Marvel coloring on Reed's uniform, and the Fantastic Four have a che cool panel.  Who knew?  Just another wonderful oddity that I completely missed

ANOTHER Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta

If you search DD on here, you'd think I had every single one posted from waaaay back,

Midworld by Rich Corben

So broke I can't even pay attention, but I just found out there was conflixion over this 1975 hardcover being a possible inspiration for Avatar.  Read the Midworld synopsis and, not really.  I'm posting the cover cause I feel like it's an overlooked great Corb painting

Coupla Manbats by Neal Adams

Nick Fury Agent Of Shield Marvelmania Poster by Jim Steranko

Yep, kinda fun'n'redun, but this is bigger, better, faster, stronger

Mystery Rough by Frank Frazetta

Speak'n of the last post 's subject, this looks like John Carter to me, EXCEPT for the earthly wolf

John Carter Of Mars by Berni Wrightson

Cap Goes Wild! by Jack Kirby

Hey, wait a tick!  I resemble that remark

Fantasy Illustrated 7 Cover by Wally Wood and Dan Adkins

The Eternal Champion by Frank Frazetta

Trumpet 21 Cover by Jeff Jones

The crayons look different on all three, and at the slot machine, nice to see three 7's in a row

That Weird And Ancient Boat...! by Barry Smith

This boat of bones is amaz'n, and I just wish there had been room on the great Conan 15 cover for it

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maza Of The Moon by Frank Frazetta

Almost put this back at the used bookstore, but the seller lit up and said "hey, let me take it out of that bag for you," and then I saw this flyleaf illustration, which (unlike the cover) I had never seen before, so I spent more on a paperback than I ever had.  best. deal. ever