Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Marvel Age #90 Cover by Todd McFarlane

Great cover, and several interest'n (to me, at least) things about it.  Apparently, Todd did this specifically for Marvel Age, which kinda is beyond my concept of things.  When, in the early nineties, I find it in the bargain bins, I think yeah, nice pic, but it must be a reprint from somewhere else (Spiderman, Amazeballs Spiderman, Spidey and His Buddies, sump'n).  For almost thirty years now, it made it through my annual weeding out process, that is, not something I HAD to keep, but probably not worth anything, toss it into the "deal with it later" pile.  Turns out, it is worth sump'n, so if the shops open back up, I'll probably trade it, but seeing it last night in an artist's edition was the first time I realized it was specifically done for Marvel Age #90.  I never said I was the brightest bulb in the pack.  Also, #90 came out in 1990--synchronicity.  Also, this was almost the cover of Spiderman #1, which I think woulda been a better choice

Big Barda by Jack Kirby

In color, this Black Book Valentine to Roz was totally new to me (then I started see'n even more....)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Man! Mandro by Barry Smith

If you can find more on the greatest non-existent comic newspaper strip ever--please please tell me about it

The First Man In The Moon! by Wally Wood

236,000 miles...let's see...that'd be about a year and a half road trip in my hoopty

Doom by Jack Kirby

I think it's Jack Kirby?  Dunnae, but it seems like maybe a picture from FF, just cannae recall where....

Five minutes later--oh, yeah, onea my fav FFs

Jewels Of Opar by Frank Frazetta

News to me, but apparently Fritz's first take on this was to have Tarzan take on a rhino.  The big cat as an opponent was, methinks, a much better choice, but I'm dig'n Tiger King right now, which may factor in