Thursday, January 31, 2013

Berni Wrightson Invites Us to Color the Creature

 So Kenneth Smith did!!

If you haven't, you must check out Kenneth's magnum opus, the 1970s fanzine Phantasmagoria

Negative Zone NYC by Jack Kirby

More advanced?  I guess negativity isn't always a bad thing

More of The Lone Tiger by Wally Wood

Please check out my post from March 12, 2012 for the whole enchilada

Ash by Joe Quesada

I have the greatest respect for all fire-fighters, and was very appreciative when Joe attempted a Super Hero based on real heroes

Cap'n's Scrapbook Stardate 1980 by Barry Smith

Little different take on three Barry Smith classic prints  from my madness heap

 Sepia Horseman (minus the sepia)
Withering (why a regular joe is in the Opus version is beyond me)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The True Frankenstein Monster by Berni Wrightson

Is the creature the real monster, or maybe the twisted Herr Doctor?  No, the real monster is society.  I just found out today that Wrightson's latest Frankenstein endeavor will experience a long delay, but , hey, isn't it great to see the Berni of old once again doing his thing?  "The devil is in the details."  I for one can wait.  I just hope he throws us another barbarian bone someday

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Triple Action (Wha?) by Jack Kirby

Here's another of my "I can't believe I missed this at publication" publications.  I know it's latter day Kirby, not Kirby prime, but it makes me happy.  Way too much signage, and how you can team up four heroes and get triple action is beyond me, but somehow, it really grooves, and the inker was spot on (sic).  Nowadays, what really irks me is it's always out of stock at the shops.  Please embiggen

Mailing Envelope by Jack Kirby

I"ve been told many times, but forget what was inside

Walking Dead by Berni Wrightson

I know I have a gugaplex of favorites, but the Walking Dead TV series truly rocks

Big Bear by Jack Kirby

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phantom Force by Jack Kirby

Double entende on the title-  as I've been told (see comments on my Are you sure?post) and as I've read, lots of Kirby art on these projects at Image and then Genesis West, but his art is clooged from a kickin Bruce Lee story in the seventies and some team concepts from the eighties

I love this last idea (Shades of the Silver Surfer!)