Friday, October 30, 2020


The scariest part of all this is I almost added a picture of Count Chocula, but I dinnae find an image I liked


Offworld #1 Cover by Mike Kaluta


Buyer's Guide #15 Cover by Dennis Fujitake

Okay, no hesitation, withoutadoubt, this has been up before!  Onea my fav posts (and, as we approach 2 milliuon views, onea yours) is The Buyer's Guide For Comic Fandom, which includes this among many, many others from the great initial mailings in the early 70s.  This image is, however, bigger, faster, stronger, and just che cool


Progress Report #2 Cover by Frank Frazetta

Things are goin swimmingly, just like all the reports, but this one sports a great Conan sketch

Silver Surfer Button by Jack Kirby

Know I've put up this original art before, but I dunnae think I've posted the actual button


Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Hulk Envelope by Jim Steranko

Look into my eyes....


Star Hawks 4 X Gil Kane

Big is beautiful with these originals that were up on ebay back in the day.  Search Star Hawks (and, ooops, Starhawks as one word sometimes) on here for a ton more


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Art Of Jack Kirby

Pretty sure the fundundant blog has had this up before, but I really dig this promo print for the book.  Why they had the ninja turtles guys do the actual cover is beyond me


Monday, October 26, 2020

Burroughs Bulletin #100 Cover by Mike Kaluta

Wow, this is che sweet.  Four years ago, I posted Mastermind Of Mars by Michael Whelan, Roy Krenkel, and Frank Frazetta, and meamwayne commented there was a version by Kaluta, and I dunnae recall even look'n it up.  Shame on me!  Now, all we need is an interpretation by Wrightson, Kirby, Barry Smith, Steranko, and Gil Kane, and I'll be all set


Pimp My Ride by Jack Kirby

So, The Watcher dinnae need a buncha weapons and antennae bristl'n out of his ride (those Kirby vehicles are che cool also, though),  but he has a far-out windshield, the best steering wheel I've ever seen, and just an amaz'n manifold.  Bet his 0 to 60 is unmeasureable with our primitive time keep'n

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Conan Mystery Part Deux by Barry Smith

So, in the way back, I said this great Conan panel appeared in Orpheus #1, a British fanzine, but no one seemed to know what Conan comic it was intended for.  I still speculate Conan #10.  Orpheus dinnae say anything about the image, it just accompanied an article on Robert E. Howard, so I thought I might learn something more from this Kaleidoscope 1a magazine from 1995, as I found out today it also contained the same panel.  When I looked at the blurb next to it in Kaleidoscope, however, it just says 1971 Orpheus (Fanzine)....sheesh


Silver Surfer Bookends by Jack Kirby