Thursday, March 23, 2017

Undersea City by Wally Wood

Hey!  How come no one ever mentioned this to me?  Is it fun to sit around and snicker and say, "Wow, Cap'n doesn't even know about this blah-blah-blah and he claims to be so-and so's biggest fan (remember-6foot1 and a ton'o fun)"?  Well, don't live another day in embarassment and guilt, always tell the Cap'n about rare art.  Seriously, though, I was scouting around thru the wilderness net, and just found this 1958 hardbound cover, and I dig it---so cool how the ocean wraps around the spine, methinks


  1. Okay, since you asked, and in keeping with the theme of underwater Wally wood, here a are a couple of rarely seen pieces from Worlds of Tomorrow April, 1963 & June, 1963:

  2. The rest of Woody's illos for that magazine:

    And some fairly obscure Kaluta stuff: