Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Tatar From The Lord Of Samarcand by Frank Frazetta

Great story by Robert E. Howard, with the role of Conan played by a Scotsman named Donald.  That was a tough name for me to handle, but I really struggled with The Tatars that Donald rode with and/or against.  In the south, when Cap'n was a wee ensign, Tater was a term of affection.  Turns out REH was spot on in that the Tatars were incorporated into the Mongolian Empire when Genghis Kahn unified the various steppe tribes.  This particular warrior eventually had the honor of having Fritz apply water colors, which we've already discussed, but I love the idea that after a hard day of art "work,"  Frazetta would unwind by treating all of us to a water color or two


Title Page To The Frost Giant's Daughter by Barry Smith

 Kinda surprised no one ever told me about this.  First is how we saw the title page in Conan #16, then as it appeared in Savage Sword Of Conan #1, then a tumblr that notes it was done just for Conan #16, which was AFTER Savage Tales #1.  My bad.  I've even seen Pinterest saying here's Cap'n's post of Savage Tales's title page, which apparently doesnae exist.  The contents page here kinda verifies ST not having the title page, as the story starts on page 2 (flip side of the contents), and the credits scroll in the color and black 'n white versions reads differently.  I even flipped through a water-logged copy of Savage Tales #1 last year, but I dinnae know to verify that it had no title page

Some Jack Kirby


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Kull VS The Serpent-men by John Severin

A VS so nice, he drew it twice

Stunningly Beautiful! Frank Frazetta

 So, I saw this ad recently (always obsessively scrolling fanzines, adzines, prozines, magazines, all things zines), and I paused, and thought wow another Fritz draw'n that I've never seen.  But our wunnerful dialog on here got me off my duff, and got me to dig a little before ask'n all y'all what is this is (my continual deterioration of my stream of consciousness dialog is leading me to think I may have gotten over-charged on my student loan).  Only a few minutes in, I spotted this plate whence the ad art was cropped.  Loved this plate forever and a day, but I'd never noticed the hero in the background.  Not sure why

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Magneto by John Fantucchio

 Just the back of an RBCC, but che cool

Monday, July 26, 2021

A Pair 'O Dox by Roy Krenkel

 Roy not only showed us some great time travelers, he would often also give us wonderfully strange visions of the future or past

Odkin In A Boat by Wally Wood

Sometimes I cannae see the forest for the trees.  When I saw this sketch, I thought whoa, Odkin never met a fly'n reptile while in the fly'n boat in King de World, did he?  Then it came to me, yes, in Witzend, when he first showed us 

Strawberry Letter 23 by Barry Smith

Nope, that should be Avengers #100.  SL23 was Brothers Johnson, where they sang "in the garden" and did amaz'n guitar riffs.  Dunnae why I heard that tune when I saw this 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Colors That Almost Were On Thor 169

An amaz'n cover anyway, but the monotone background published was somewhat lack'n, methinks, and the published blue was much duller

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Hawk 'n Dove #1 Centerpiece by Steve Ditko

Amaz'n splash right in the middle (note the staples on my copy), and three big panels mak'n a double-page centerfold-genius

On The Draw'n Board Cover by George Metzger

Just found this, but dunnae how.  No reference to Metzger, and more than once on the net, this is called OTDB #64, but the image indicates #17, and:  accord'n to the Cap'n's amazing recall, this is quite rare.  Well, irregardless, it is che cool, and quite embiggenable

The Gene Day That Never Was (Or Was It?)

 Here's the back cover of Orb #6, which I've been told was THE LAST ISSUE.  Cry'n shame, methinks