Tuesday, October 31, 2023

King de World by Wally Wood

So much to grok/dig/groove with this Odkin VS Unmen scene.  I really love the moment before, when Odkin shouts "Unmen!," and onea the unmen shouts "food!"  Since half the time this opus was called The Wizard King, and half the time King Of The World, I've now decided on a third name, kingdeworld, from onea my college nicknames, King de Sky, after somea the campus dazers learned I was hooked on the tv show Sky King about a decade before

Monday, October 30, 2023

Fanzine Cover by Tom Sutton

 Dig this Comicology #5 cover (and the Eerie covers) so much, I would love to find out if Tom did other fanzine stuff

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Conan by Frank Brunner

As with many of my favs, I find Brunner really shines when illustrat'n the coolest Cimmerian

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Collage #2 Fanzine Cover by Gil Kane

 Oh, my heck!  Clueless Joe Jackson sit'n here.  I been star'n at that splash from the 1971 Blackmark paperback (second image) since I found it in a little bookshop in Grand Junction 7 years ago.  And I've had the version in Savage Sword o Conan #1 since the seventies, and even a sanitized version in the 30th Anniversary trade, but I had no idea that selfsame splash was the fanzine cover to Collage #2 after they were previewing the PB in Collage #1 (third image).  Kinda makes perfect sense, since the Blackmark book came out in 1971, and Collage started in 1971

Spooky Rich Corben


Thursday, October 26, 2023

Coupla 70s Clyde Caldwell

The fanzine cover doesnae seem like the usual 70s CC we know and love, but it's still che great

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

En Garde by Rich Corben

Obvious from the verbage, but this was amongst the profuse illos in the 3 issue interview of Corben by The Mirkwood Times adzine/fanzine.  I believe this was issue #4, but no longer sure.  Had all of MWT back when it came out, but for some insane reason (cigarrette money?), I only kept issue #2

Monday, October 23, 2023

Bedlam Planet by Jeff Jones

Exactly a bazillion Jeff Jones paperback covers on here in the wayback, I just dunnae recall this one

The Liv'n Mummy by Gil Kane

Wanted to do some spooky Gil Kane this year (and there's a ton out there), but this less-than-spooky cover caught my eye.  Looks like heroes rather than terrified victims facing the horror, and I like to think even I could be heroic if confronted by a mummy.  I've always wondered why the screamers in the movies dinnae just walk away quickly and leave the mummy in the dust.  He does, however, look like a scarey-good dancer

Cage Of Brass by Vaughn Bode

You may already know this, but onea my great delights is see'n sump'n sump'n by onea my favs that I havenae seen before.  Case in point.  This cover has no living creatures visible, yet completely Vaughn Bode

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Midnight Constitutional by Berni Wrightson

Welp, it's that time a year again, when I try to post sump'n spooky by my favs, and Berni had spooky down to a science.  We useta say "going for my morning constitutional" as we went on a walk, since walking was healthy, or "good for the constitution."  Elderly wise-guys also used the phrase to say they were going to have a bowel movement

Friday, October 20, 2023

The Thinker by Gil Kane

Okay, I'm try'n not to think about this too much, but it seems like this guy could easily be called The Over-thinker.  The think'n in the last three panels here is too much food for thought, I think.  His debonair pencil stash and high IQ remind me of Tony Stark, but let's see if we can think of other characters he resembles.  Put on your think'n caps

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Coupla Thrust Covers by Gene Day

Gene did so much in his short life, and I'm often amazed to see sump'n sump'n by him that I've missed.  This sci-fi fanzine is a good example of how clueless I've been

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Back Of Marvelmania Magazine #1 by Jim Steranko

 ???  Okay, two magazines with the same name, and the modern equivalents of those back covers

Fistful Of Dan Adkins

Okay, I gotta ask-since the other four are Dan ink'n (great inker, by the by), is the last one a copy of sump'n famous?  Personally doubt it, but you can prob'ly tell I'm fairly clueless on this big picture stuff


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

George Metzger Is Flying Saucer Man

Yeah, just a biggerbetterfasterstronger look at what Metz brought to Brain Fantasy #1, with the back cover, inside front cover (shades of Avon!), and the nifty story