Thursday, March 16, 2017

Food For Thought Splash by Al Williamson

Wow.  I heard the Fleagles helped on this awesome art, but if anyone can help a poor EC fan out, gimme a shout


  1. In interviews, Williamson said that Krenkel drew all of the splash panel, except for the winged lizard. Al did that and all of the inset panel. Have you ever seen the amazing pencils Krenkel did for the American Eagle strip? Severin found them uninkable and had them redone quite a bit, with Al's help. Years later, stats of the original pencils were found in Sid Check's storage. They were reprinted in Squa Tront #11 and another page showed up in Vanguard's Art of Roy Krenkel. It's comparable in detail to the "Food for Thought" splash and looks less like comic book art and more like engravings.

  2. Thanks, Russ! As Ric Ocasek used to sing, "I guess you're just what I needed...." Krenkel did a ton of great stuff on the Al Williamson comics (check out this city of SsssS from Buster Crabbe #5), and I thought it was just him, but dinnae know if Food For Thought involved Torres and Frazetta, also