Sunday, June 28, 2020

Eric John Stark by Jim Steranko

Mediascene #11 is a righteous Steranko smorgasboard, but this was def the highlight

The Comics Journal #72 Cover by Neal Adams

Ton of other CJ covers up on here in the wayback, but I forgot this coolio cover

The History Of Comics by Jim Steranko

Ghost In The Machine by Jack Kirby

Finally!  Always wanted to see this bigger, and I know the original was gigantor.  Please embiggen

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Frost Giant's Daughter Splash by Barry Smith

Okay, fifth time's a charm (maybe).  Luvit

Recoil by Mike Kaluta

Gee, I hope The Shadow can survive that fall!  hahahahahaha

X-Men #56 Cover by Neal Adams

.....not!  Shoulda been, but Neal got TOO far-out

Axus Fonzerelli by Barry Smith

Did some sweet disco music a ways back, also

Friday, June 26, 2020

Fanzine Tarzan by Frank Frazetta

First is the image from I'll Be Damned #1, then from The Jasoomian #10.  Concentric circles from Tarzan's knife point or not?  I cannae decide

Darkwolf by Frank Frazetta

Much more up in the wayback

Doc Doom by Jack Kirby

Conan The Cimmerian by Berni Wrightson

Put the last image up a lot (it's from The Studio book), but I dunnae think I posted the actual print

Eerie #2 Cover by Frank Frazetta

So the wizard is safe inside the circle, right?  But what about the rest of us?  I never understood why a summoned creature couldnae just go on a walkabout

Arishem The Celestial by Jack Kirby

This thumb from The Eternals makes me think of my favorite Thank You Note by Jimmy Fallon--"Thank you, hitch-hikers, for making me feel like I'm driving really well"

Thursday, June 25, 2020

World War II Marvel Heroes by Jim Steranko

Not sure why, but I've never posted these beautiful trad'n cards (or, I dunnae THINK I have) of The Human Torch, Cap'n America, and the Sub-Mariner.  And I'm certain I dinnae post the magazine version, cause it won't fit on my scanner!  drat....

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Coupla Wizard King Panels by Wally Wood

The End is an odd treasure, in that it is a 12 page story of The Wizard King world that is totally seperate from the graphic novel, much like The Wizard King serial in Witzend (if you like "compilations" as I do, the Witzend stuff is together in Woodwork).  First time I saw some of this was in the Warren mag 1984, but it was chopped to six pages and re-written as a psychopathic dream, not the wonderful Wizard King story at all.  Woody corrected the butchering by self-publishing the original in The Woodwork Gazette #2, but hardly any of us got to see it, until The World of Wood reprint series had it (then colorized in isssue #2).  The giant skeleton spanning the path Andif is walking on is in all three, as well as the intro (although reading the intro in 1984 makes me "feel like I'm taking crazy pills," as Will says in Zoolander).  Bonus:  here's another pic that coulda made the graphic novel

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kothar by Jeff Jones

This, like just about everything I dig, was up in the wayback, but the paint colors are che better here

Doctor Weird VS Warlock by Jim Starlin

1971 VS the following week, and the comments show I shoulda included Drax on here