Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steranko Scans

I wish I could get this to fit the scanner, but all I can say is "Let's get small(and blurry)

And here it is as a postage-stamp-sized ad

Steranko Scans II

Steranko Scans III

this last an "Unseen Shadow"

More Steranko

Another side of his comic storage boxes

Rarely Seen Sterankos

Frios Frazetta and Kirby Generics

Steranko's John Stark

I think this panorama on the second cover is Steranko's best painting

This last here again so it can be embiggened

Jack Attack!

Some Steranko Covers Only

Some Ritzy Fritz

In other words, high-class Frazetta

Even Chiller Blacknwhites

This time its Wood, Wood, Wood, Barry Smith, Moebius