Monday, October 29, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jack Kirby for Library Guy

Here's that Galactus rough I was yakkin bout in the notsodistant
 when we agreed Jack's Gods portfolio was mailed in this different looking Kirby sleeve
 I love it, though, and what's interesting to me is that the Galactus rough was an unused Thor page
 But last year some folks pointed out this might not be a true Kirby-but some convoluted clough
 If it is a fake, I feel bad for the buyer who paid over 10,000 bucks
 And then the buyer who paid over 20,000 bucks

 Hhhhmmmm......but I sure dig Kirby's Silver Surfer

Scarey Stories--Berni Wrightson

Again, Cap'n 3D by Jack Kirby

This is Jack's conceptual drawing for Ray Zone's Battle for a Three Dimensional World
 About three years after Argo (the Lord of Light), and Jack still had a "Hand of Fire"

 But, of course the real Cap'n 3D was from the fifties
 when Jack was already doing some amazing 3d art