Friday, January 30, 2015

Talon Poster by Jim Steranko

Forget the rest (bazillion Talon posts, I know), embiggen the best

The Incredible Hulk and His Pull-Toy by Jack Kirby

Hadn't seen this in a long, long while, and it still makes me smile.  Kinda reminds me of the here comes The Hulk/ there goes The Hulk sweatshirt

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jack Kirby by Jack Kirby

Hafta say I dig the title of this post almost as much as the picture

The Black Racer by Jack Kirby

This is from New Gods #2, but that don't matter.  This is the Angel of Death Meets Godzilla Meet Joe Black

Nightmare #6 by Jeff Jones

As if the first five weren't scarey enuff....

Eerie #7 Cover by Frank Frazetta

I have obtained, at great expense (both monetarily and psychologically) a near pristine copy of Eerie #7 (the Sea Witch).  For jaded and/or "experienced" Fritz fans, this is no big deal.  I am both and neither.  Please, please, please embiggen the first two images.  Our union is greater than the parts

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You Got Some Splain'n To Do by Neal Adams

Dunnae why, but this Conan pose always reminds me of my mom when she found out what I'd been up to

Monster Mania Tres by Frank Frazetta

Oh, my heck!  Already have up TWO posts of this image in the not-so-distant, but then I saw this catalog cover again

Far-out Aeronaut by Jack Kirby

Busted...I have no idea who is this is, but it is great pedal-to-the-metal Kirby, and that's all that matters.  As a kid, I dreamed about being this guy, even though he didn't exist.  The concept of a spaceman free of a cumbersome spacecraft is exhilirate'n to me, and probably why the moment I saw New Gods #1 on a shelf at the base newsstand will always be a pivotal time-point for me

CFA-APA #42 Cover by Jim Steranko

I always feel bad about miss'n some Steranko publication, but since there were only 60 copies produced, I can't beat myself up too bad about this one.  Last image is interesting, with zip-a-tones on the original poster

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Incan Visitations by Jack Kirby

Another example of how Dr. Martens' dyes fade with time.  While the initial colors are bright and vibrant, the faded colors are kinda classical'n elegant.  I'm glad we can see both

Mirkwood Times #4 Cover by Rich Corben

Shortly (relatively speak'n) after I started getting the adzine newspaper The Buyer's Guide, I started getting The Mirkwood Times.  Both were fun for art fans like me, and now they're fun to look at what some of our present comic icons were being sold for by mail, like Conan #1 for a buck or the first appearance of Spiderman for ten bucks

4 X Young Barry Smith

Monday, January 26, 2015

Master of Adventure Tres by Frank Frazetta

Third time's a charm with another post of this great "gone" painting by Fritz.  Please embiggen the first image

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Mighty Thor Marvelmania Poster by Jack Kirby

First, a coupla Asgardians who shall remain nameless, then the Nordic traffic-cop Heimdall, then Thor's wingman and best bud Balder, then the big kahuna, then John Morrow's take on the grail, then a black'n white version that looks smooooth, and finally the poster itself.  nice