Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Black Star by Frank Frazetta


  1. Jesus Hector Christ that Alex Niño was something else! ( on my mother i was gonna suggest a Niño post but then i've been enthusiastically suggesting a lot since discovering your blog and didn't want to get... too familiar!)

  2. Suggest away, bra! This whole thing is just me gather'n all my favorite art in one place so I don't spend TOO much of my time searching the electronic and/or physical world. I'm running out of my standards of Wrightson, Frazetta, Barry Smith, Jack Kirby, Steranko, and Wally Wood, so I really appreciate being reminded of guys like Biz and Alex and John Buscema and Jim Lee and Art Adams and Neal Adams and Moebius and John Severin and Bob Kline and Kaluta and Jeff Jones and Estaban, and I really, really appreciate when someone I don't even know about is pointed out to me. Like the surfer guys say, it's all good