Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Outlaw World by Frank Frazetta

I remember passing on this at the used book stores way back (I'd grab it now, but haven't seen it in years), and correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Betty Ballantine did a Pasadena on this one, too.  Too bad, so sad, yer dad for both of us.  This is an amaz'n painting, and all I wanted was a musclebound with a sword.  Bummer.  Dunnae why, but the couple try'n to scramble away from the giant white gorillas are just fascinating.  Genius


  1. Now I have to try and find this book!

    1. Good luck--since Hamilton had so many great cover artists, I check his section every time I find some used SF/fantasy

  2. You are by far the best online source for Frazetta's uncanny roughs sketches and preliminary colors try outs! Now i want you to go back to your first 2010 post and properly tag it all in order ! XD
    I've recently acquired hard cover version of The Ultimate Triumph and plan to scan all of the beautiful quick pencils and inks drawings that illustrate it. You know, to have them at easy reach while drawing in front of the monitor and need - ahem - inspiration... I'll mail them to you gladly in case you don't have it.

    P.S. what does "Doing a Pasadena" mean?

  3. Just another way of saying pass on something, and no, I don't have The Ultimate Triumph, another Pasadena I regret