Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Elric and Stormbringer by Paul Gulacy and da Cap'n

I'm no Marie Severin, but I don't think the colors on this came out half-bad (okay, maybe just below half-bad)


  1. Nicely colored! It's nice to see your work; you are too shy with it, i went way back in your older posts and only found the rough of a Centurion and the finger pointing at the moon! Show more of your art, that's the post you ought to make!

  2. You are waaaaay too kind, Lucas. I am nothing next to these artistic genius who I post and who follow me. Artists are the smartest, I always say, and after being kicked around down this dark alley of Shadizar we call life, I have learned I am definitely not the smartest. I will, of course, obey you in this (if you look at this blog closely, as you apparently have, you know that I aim to please), but don't come cry'n to me when you see how rather sad my art turns out to be. Like Doctor Evil, as a young boy I showed promise, but (sadly) in those days, you had to live in New York City to even think of being a comicbook artist. At the height of my powers, I lived in Germany, Texas, and finally Colorado. This is all to say, yes, I will make that post, but "be careful what you wish for" young Jedi