Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some Outer Space Spirit by Wally Wood

This stuff is just amaz'n gorgeous!  Some 18 years before we actually landed on the moon, Wally takes The Spirit and us there


  1. Oh wow ! You put them up faster than we can see them ! What a great selection of stuff... Thanks for posting all that art of yours! Love the energy, and specially the fantasy! My favorites are: that stocky looking guy with the big round head full of weapons everywhere! The barbarian splitting that big sphere (making a pac-man!) The alien spying on earth, and the best being in my opinion the guy riding the flying huge snake-fly! Did sloppy Doc Brundle tried to teleport the reptile without checking again? I liked it a lot with the night sky and mountain and all it gives a whole niche atmosphere.

    I'm gonna go ahead and show you one of mine straight from my blog

    I call him Astrog- he's the son of a prehistoric neanderthal woman and some sort of superman/alien. So far i know that much!

    Hey, thanks a lot for reminding me of Lonar of New Genesis...what a great character and what gorgeous panels the king drew... especially that first big one with the horse! That's how you draw a horse goddammit!

  2. Well, I checked out Astrog, and you can certainly draw a horse yerself! (personally, I'm a lot like Barry Smith when it comes to horses-just could never get a handle on them) Thanx for all the kind words, and how cool that you are always ready to acknowledge the king as the king of comics