Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eerie #7 Cover by Frank Frazetta

I have obtained, at great expense (both monetarily and psychologically) a near pristine copy of Eerie #7 (the Sea Witch).  For jaded and/or "experienced" Fritz fans, this is no big deal.  I am both and neither.  Please, please, please embiggen the first two images.  Our union is greater than the parts


  1. While technically sharper, I've never really thought Frazetta's repaintings were better than the originals. That may have more to do with my reaction upon seeing them for the first time. I thought this cover was really cool when I first bought it on the stands, very moody and evocative. It's only in retrospect that one sees how radical the horizontal design was; it's hard to imagine any other publisher at the time being as willing to risk newsstand visibility for the sake of a great painting, but every publisher didn't have someone like Frazetta forcing them to take risks.

    Within a couple of years, book publishers were buying anything he painted and then figuring out what book to use it on.

  2. You may already know this, but I totally agree about Fritz's originals being the most satisfying. First printings of Kavin's World, Eternal Champion, Conan the Buccaneer....nothing better

  3. Yep, especially Conan the Buccaneer.

    1. True dat. I'm adding ANOTHER scan of that original full cover on the 95cent first edition