Friday, January 16, 2015

A Bad Night For Ninjas by Jim Lee

Ninjas and Wolverine and The Punisher....Nuff said!  First the original and then the print

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  1. I've never been a Jim Lee fan, but this illustration does kick ass! As for suggestions...Who could i known that you don't? I was born in Argentina but my dad is Italian, and we moved there when i was 2 years old. We came back when i was about to turn 15. Growing up in that awesome country, i found out about artist Andrea Pazienza, who died at 32 years of age... he is one of my favorites artists ever, period. But had nothing to do with heroes and fantasy ...however one of his best buddies did, Tanino Liberatore , and him could really be up your alley. You probably know him for his character RanXerox. Then i'll suggest about a couple of English guys i love, Mick/Mike Mcmahon and another of my all times favorites Kevin O'Neill... Marshall Law is one of the greatest comics i've ever read. You of course know of this two but i think i have't see posts about them, and i went back all the way to January 2010!