Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Moon Men by Frank Frazetta

I used to complain this painting was rare, but my complaint was because I had traded my paperback away in response to all the Ballantine books coming out on Frazetta, and then Betty left it out!  Now, of course, we can enjoy several colorizations of this great work.  I dig the hero, a blonde in Native American garb with a Roman short sword, and classic Fritz physique


  1. There seems to be no really good copy online or in print of this painting. Even the Underwood (Fenner & Fenner) Frazetta Art Books don't have a good reproduction. The cover to one of their books is not from the original as these examples above. Is this a lost painting or the owner can't be found?

  2. I honestly dunnae know, but as I've said before, it seems to be one of the rarest of Frazetta's paintings, and since my last (this) post of it, I've acquired the paperback again, so look for a new post of it, along with more of my babble of me basically say'n I'm clueless