Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Enchantment by Barry Smith

Can't recall if I got one clean image of this up before, and just lazy enough not to go back and check, but this version is berry nice.  I've formulated my own precept of the old Zen "unconscious competence" thing, and my saying goes something like this:  Sometimes you think you've forgotten to do something, but then you realize you've just forgotten that you didn't forget


  1. Man, there is a whole story behind this picture. Is the wizard a good guy? I think so as his wife is hugging him and he has a sitar type guitar by him. Is the warrior contemplating a quest for him? Looks that way, and it involves the lady standing. The setting is non-threatening too, like a scholar would have who has some wealth. Or heck just did the details!

  2. No mention of it in your comment, but did you catch the same warrior and lady are standing in the same positions across the lake? Mirrors? Doppelgangers? This is truly an incredible piece, and I had it above my dorm room desk as a freshman at CU in 1974. (Tail end of Cap'n's comics greatest all-time decade of 1965-1975, member? member)

  3. No I didn't see that, wow. That is similar to the Thoth-Amon drawing where if you look you see his feet are actually not touching the ground. Very cool.