Thursday, April 4, 2013

Comics Legend Jim Steranko at Denver Comicon 2013

This art from about the time period of Steranko's History of Comics, maybe a first try at a cover for a history?  Certainly the two covers are legendary, but this art is has everyone at the same size, maybe too static for the graphic master.  The Surfer is incredible, though.  I got many of the early comixscenes mailed to me, but I think this probably first appeared in the fanzine Comic Crusader #10. Anybody know more about this piece?  Adding the History covers fer reference


  1. No but I HAD those two but had to sell them in my post-grad school poverty, sigh.

  2. Yeah, I got them at the regular book store back in the day, and sold many things in the seventies and early eighties for "spences" I'll try and post the innards for you sometime soon