Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hot and Cold Run'n Conan by Barry Smith

This second image is almost exactly what it's like here today, the fourth day of the Colorado Rockies being snow-bound, and the sun finally out


  1. One of the best Conan yarns too. It has been drawn many times but I compare them all to the original Smith version and still think that is the best (and coldest looking).

  2. I know the first image is from Conan 13, but it sounds like you're referring to the second one, and I'm not sure, isn't it from #1? I'll dig it out and see, but others have drawn Conan's origin? That's how out of touch I am, I guess....

  3. Finally dug out my battered Conan #1 and confirmed that's the birthplace of this second image, except Dark Horse added snow n ice, more in keeping with Howard's description