Monday, April 15, 2013

Plate 5 of Tupenney Conan by Barry Smith

No surprise I dig this image (heck, it's the first thing I ever posted when I started this blog), but I finally scanned a pretty decent image of it (and look, ma, it's turned the right way!).  As I've said before, Cap'n's Comics has become The Apollo Theater of comic art for me, and the riffs and refrains are just a stone cold groove.  The house band stays the same, but the individual horns just jump up and wail.  Blow, man, blow!


  1. Great art (as usual here). Never saw this one before. He understood Conan, that he was much more than brawn and some cleverness.

  2. Frazetta made me start reading the paperbacks, and Robert E. Howard just blew me away, and then Roy Thomas and Barry Smith bent my mind all over again. I'm surprised you've never seen this plate, and I'll try to re-post Barry Smith's portfolios soon. This Tupenney Conan portfolio was from right here in the mile-high city--we had an amazing little publisher/distributor called Middle Earth, and they even put out their own fanzine adzine, the Mirkwood Times