Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Cover by Barry Smith!!!!

Yeah, yeah--just new to me, that is

First got this amazing comic off the shelf at the Post Exchange magazine shop of the army base in Furth, a suburb of Nurnberg, Germany (no, I don't know how to type the two dots over the german U).  This scan is of a new copy I just got, and if you look closely, it has the brightest colors I've seen of this cover, and I've been staring at it for over forty years. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me, cuz I could afford it), that guy who ate sardines while reading his comics left his thumb print on it before it could be bagged and boarded and preserved in time until the Cap'n could find it.  Also, here's the FOOM mini poster of it, one of only twelve Marvel covers which were given FOOM posters.  This is right there with SHIELD 1 and 2, New Gods 7, Fantastic Four Annual 5, THUNDER Agents 1 and 8, as one of the comics I must be shipwrecked with (course I want to be shipwrecked with On the Road and Runaway Horses also, so wadda I know)

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