Saturday, December 11, 2021

Master Of The Etrax by Jeff Jones

Almost said ,"new cover by Jeff Jones!," but I've had this forever, just apparently never put it up (which is kinda amazeballs if true, cause I've slapped up a ton of his covers over the years).  This one is especially appeal'n, but I'm not sure why.  embiggen and enjoy

Sheesh!  Just found it like this in a Jones post from eight years ago


  1. When you buy for the cover, do you always read the book?

    1. No, and it's funny you said that on this post, cause I got this long ago, it wasnae Robert E. Howard, so I dinnae read, and I just scanned the blurb on the back when post'n, read something that really resonated with me, and it is now in my nightstand reading que