Saturday, December 18, 2021

Bob Kline '69 Revisited

 Last month, I yakked about a red picture on the back of an RBCC which had the same red color on the cover, but I just found out it was a print (and, as I said then, did NOT appear in Anamoly 2 fanzine).  The "poster" was on a regular size piece a paper(?), and I dunnae if the ad was the chicken or the egg.  What I really want to talk about today, though, are the "Klineburns" in the picture.  The long sideburns that were all the rage in 1969.  I would see posters of them at all the barbershops, but I was only 13, and extremely jelly.  Even Bob's great barbarian hero Gorvan had Klineburns.  First image is my fav '69 Kline, The Valley Of The Worm, and we cannae tell if the hero had Klineburns or not, and Robert E. Howard doesn't mention them in the prose.  And then, in 1970, they were gone (last two images)

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