Monday, December 13, 2021

Kirbyesque by Art Cooper

 Haven't tried in a while, so I'm ask'n (plead'n #beg'n) if anyone has any insights into how I can find this nifty little Canadian comic/fanzine.  I held it in my hot little hands one afternoon in 1972 or 1973.  I'd gone over to Scottie Scott's house (yes, the Scott family had named onea their kids Scot) because he said he would like to trade some stuff (turned out he just wanted me to draw all his favorite heroes for him).  He would not part with this, and I forgot about it for almost a half century.  Searching Kirbyesque is useless, and Art Cooper is a failed search, so, once again...please hook a Cap'n up


  1. Cap'n, you should have taken a look on Facebook. I'm a bit shocked you have so much of my stuff up here, especially considering the elite company it's in... Unfortunately, I don't believe I have any copies of the Kirbyesque issue of "With Pen and Brush" (#4) so having the actual publication name might help?!?

    Where on earth did you get that MacBeth poster? I was just looking at the original art for it last week. Good luck with your search! Too bad I can't paste stuff into the Comments...


    1. Art, you just made my decade! Thanks so much for the message--you got me all fanboy here (which I havenae felt since meeting Kirby forty five years ago). The bummer for me is, I swore off Facebook about fifteen years back (yeah, I'm onea those, but I had some very good reasons), but knowing the title "With Pen and Brush"(#4) may be just the ticket, I hope! Cannae remember last week anymore, so I definitely dunnae know where I found the Macbeth poster, but it was most likely an eBay listing.
      Wow! Thanks again, and you are certainly part of that elite company to me! All the best, Cap'n

  2. Wow, you must be my biggest (and possibly *only*) fan, however I will take with a grain of salt that I'm in the company of those you normally post, if you don't mind. If you give me a contact email I'll send you some more recent scans, and maybe some older ones also...