Thursday, December 2, 2021

Conan by Jack Kirby

Yep, everything Conan that Jack ever did (okay, help me out, what else is out there?).  Kinda melancholy for me, in that Conan is my favorite comic character, Kirby is my favorite comic artist, and never the twain shall meet

Coupla days later (thanks, Russ!), here's the Conan Jack did for Roz.  Luv the title



  1. You're going to kick yourself. Conan's in the sketchbook he did for Roz. I think some of the early 2001 comics and the Atlas comic give us an idea of what a Kirby Conan might've looked like; of course, it would've been great.

    1. Ha-zeet! Cannae believe that, and then I looked at all my Black Book Valentines for Roz posts, and had apparently never put it up. Kinda outasight outamind thing, cause as I've said, found a copy on a dusty shelf twenty years ago for fifty bucks, then a few years later sold it on ebay for a hundred, and totally forgot (maybe cause Jack's Herc and Ka-zar were my barbaric fixes). Thank you so much! sheeeesh