Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Brownstone With A Skylight by Steve Ditko

 Bazillion wonderful things about Ditko's Dr. Strange, but I particularly loved the skylight in his sanctum sanctorum in the heart of NYC.  Here's a great trivia question:  where in comicdom did this skylight appear BEFORE Doc Strange?  This is a great chance to win onea my coveted non-prizes

Good morn'n! It's the next day, and we have three non-prizes to give out (see comments).  Thanks, folks!


  1. https://dochermes.livejournal.com/710503.html?

  2. It's the inexplicable picture window from the Spirit's Wildwood Cemetery grave.

  3. The Spirit of course. Ditko named Eisner's Spirit, Robinson's Batman and Mort Meskin as his big influences. There are images out of Mort Meskin's Mark Merlin stories that are pretty similar to Dr. Strange. And of course Jerry Robinson was one of Ditko's teachers at the Hogarth school. Does the non-prize come with a fish-slap to the face?