Monday, December 6, 2021

Colorful Kenneth Smith

 We all fell in love with black'n white Kenneth Smith with his Phantasmagoria #1, but this stuff is also che cool.  His colors for Wrightson's Color The Monsters is also up on here in the wayback


  1. Ken Meyer just did a post of that ish of I'll Be Damned. Every once in a while I see a Ken Smith color portfolio for sale and think about snapping it up. His zines were so lavishly produced,it's hard to believe they were real.

    1. Yeah, as we've yakked about, it's terrific that Ken puts up all those amaz'n zines. When I saw the cover in black'n white, I remembered Mr. Doortree had it up in color a decade ago. Kinda wonder'n if it came out in two versions