Thursday, July 29, 2021

Title Page To The Frost Giant's Daughter by Barry Smith

 Kinda surprised no one ever told me about this.  First is how we saw the title page in Conan #16, then as it appeared in Savage Sword Of Conan #1, then a tumblr that notes it was done just for Conan #16, which was AFTER Savage Tales #1.  My bad.  I've even seen Pinterest saying here's Cap'n's post of Savage Tales's title page, which apparently doesnae exist.  The contents page here kinda verifies ST not having the title page, as the story starts on page 2 (flip side of the contents), and the credits scroll in the color and black 'n white versions reads differently.  I even flipped through a water-logged copy of Savage Tales #1 last year, but I dinnae know to verify that it had no title page

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